What's the most psycho thing an ex had done to you?

Im asking more in the early stages of the relationship/fling. Anything that he or she did that was a red flag/clingy/ or too much too soon


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  • Stabbed me, then keyed my car all round...
    It was a bit much but can't blame her though... dont think i ever will. right person, wrong time.


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  • This was all done in one night:

    Slashed my tyres on my car...3 of them

    Scratched my car all around it , both sides

    Smashed 2 of my car windows

    After he did this, he rang my mobile and asked me if I like the artwork on my car.

    The cops couldn't do anything. I had no proof he did it. So it cost me a fortune to have it repaired


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  • She wanted to have a second date 2 hours after our first date and at the point started calling me "hers". Also we only started talking the day before.

    It lasted 2 weeks.

  • I have never really had a psycho ex


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