Hangout VS Date?

What are general differences that may or me not be obvious? I don't understand this knew "we're just hanging out, but we like each other" thing. Why isn't that dating? I've been told there's a difference.

I also am in a situation related to this. I was talking to a guy i knew a couple years ago who left the country for 2 years, and is now back. We were good friends, so he messaged me on facebook about a picture he saw that reminded him of me because of a story I told him. Then we started catching up, and while talking about his job he randomly asked if I had seen this movie, which I had, and he said he was bumped because he "wanted to invite me to hangout". I said we could still go because I loved the movie and he said he'd invite me then (he'd pay). I'm pretty sure it's just friends hanging out, but how would I know it is one?


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  • It doesn't really matter whether it's classified as a "date" or "hanging out" because they are the same thing... What does matter is what both you & him are feeling.

    I've had a dinner date that ended in a handshake & I've had an evening hangout that ended in us making out/sleeping together - it all really depends on what you are feeling/what you want.

    My advice is to not overthink it and just be in the moment (something I'm terrible at) besides Girls have it easier then guys when it comes to dating because guys are expected to ask you out so all you have to do is answer "yes" or "no" where as I have to get rejected multiple times (so much for self-esteem) before someone is willing to agree to see me - my point being is even if this doesn't workout some other guy is going to ask you out the next day unless you are not making it apparent that you are available... But seriously even if you made an online dating profile you'd get like 10+ messages that day where as I would be lucky to even get 2 or 3 that week.

    So yeah don't worry about it - whatever may be will be. 😆

    • Thanks for answering this was very helpful! Sorry about the whole "guy expectations thing"
      Im an over thinker myself, and feel your pain! Living in the moment is something I'm working on. I will say it feels weird to me that guys are expected to pay on dates, because my guy friends pay for me sometimes but it's not a date, so it throws me off. Especially, because I make my own money and can pay for myself haha

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    • It just sucks cos we were good friends, and I know he's a good guy but I don't know why he'd do that to me and to her? I don't even like him in that way but it was nice catching up, and I thought about how we do sort of compliment each other.
      I was honest with him and made sure he knows we are just friends, and he played it off as just a hangout which is even worse, but I called him out on it, and he apologized and sort of explained himself, but we definitely won't be the same. Usually I'm pretty good at seeing good vs bad guys, and this was a first for me.
      How do I make myself seem available? I never understood this either

    • Some people are better liars than others and some are good at pretending to be decent people... Best thing you can do is let it go and move on (moving on by meeting other people).

      As for letting it be known that you are available there's two ways of doing it 1 ways is (which I don't respect and I don't think you'll do) is making yourself look very sexy on social media (Facebook, Instagram...) for example one girl I know who is recently single post a pic with the caption "working on my tan" so she could show off her body (mainly her butt)... Yeah that's just one minute example but this approach will get a lot guys just wanting to fuck you and nothing else... Unless that's what you want which there is nothing wrong with that.

      The other approach is a little more subtle, basically talk to people you trust/like/whatever and let them know you are looking and maybe even ask for suggestions/advice not only will they give some ideas but some will talk about how you are looking because gossip.

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