How do you see open relationship for long distance love?

My boyfriend and I are in long distance relationship so we can't have sex a lot. We are quite sure our love for each other and now we are thinking about having sex with other people...
My boyfriend has a lot experience but I don't.
To me, having sex is like having dinner with another people, and I do want to have sex with others while my boyfriend is not by my side. But I am not sure I would completely accept it if my boyfriend really fuck another woman.
What do you think? Is there anyone has similar experience?


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  • open relationships=dumb fucking idea... because fact is u will have more sex then he will and he will get jealous because thats how men are..

    • My boyfriend said he wouldn't be jealous because having sex is just like having dinner with friend for him. Well... I don't know...
      I wonder if we keep kind distance like this, he or me might cheat on each other someday, then the result is the same?

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    • That's why I think if we let each other have casual sex with others might make our relationship stable because the need of sex is solved. Just we have to be 100% sure that we can accept.

    • neva gonna work =P

  • I know I would not be ok with this. Not much of an advice, I know, but I do not believe in open relationships.

    • Thanks! Most of my guy friends cannot accept it as well!

What Girls Said 1

  • It will kill your current relationship

    • Yeah o know it's a risk... and might be bigger than I imagine. The problem is that we are in London distance and will continue for at least two years, it will be hard to be faithful?

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