Guy not contacting me for 3 weeks, said something happened to him but didn't tell me what. What do I do?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now (no sex). We both work full-time but we used to see each other at least twice a week, once during lunch breaks and also during the weekends (spending all day together). Last week he suddenly started to act weird: I could sense that from his texts something was wrong. Then he texted me and said he will be busy with something until 2 weeks from now. So I called him, he was really down, his voice was terrible like he had cried. And he told me something happened but he can't tell me what. He said he will call me later and "sorry that I made you worried". I have not heard from his since then (it's already been 3 weeks).

I was wondering, could it be that he was lying? Like, nothing really happened in his life, he just wanted to stop dating me without hurting my feelings? Or maybe he found another girl?

What do I do now? I have not contacted him since then because I do not want to be 'clingy'.


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  • That is concerning. I would be worried too. But in my opinion you shouldn't just put your life on hold waiting for him. If you're still just dating and not exclusive, you should probably try to move on with your life. He knows you're there and he knows how to reach out to you. If he really wanted you to be a part of his life, he would make the attempt. If he ever does call, then great you can go from there and hear him out and determine if you want to keep seeing him. But you are under no obligation to keep waiting by the phone and passing up potential suitors.

  • Maybe someone in the family is sick or died. Don't jump to conclusions. If you're worried then just message him and be like "hey I've missed you, hope everything is okay, I'm a bit worried". I'm sure he'll respond.

    • The thing is I do not want to contact him if he wanted to end the dating. I'm just not sure, is that how guys usually tell/show you that they are not interested in you anymore?

    • It doesn't matter. If he wants to end it he should have the balls to say so himself rather than just fading away. You can contact him. And no, it's not usually how guys break things off, but everyone is different.

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