What should I do about this confusing relationship mess? I need to fix it soon?

I had been texting and talking to this guy that is a very confident/outgoing person, but in texts he seemed uninterested in what I had to say, or he just doesn't know how to text. While we were in class he texted me asking if I liked him. At the time, I didn't want to make anything of it. I also thought that what I said wouldn't effect how he treated me. I thought that he wouldn't give up I guess.. Because I had flirted with him before. I thought that it was slightly immature to ask me at that time, through text. I had never spent time with him out of class and he never invited me anywhere, even though I knew his friends. I replied to his text implying that I liked him as a friend. Iregret it now. For the rest of the year, I was so confused. For a while we still flirted or spoke. There was also times that he didn't care about me anymore. He barely texted me anymore, but once he called me, he never called again. I didn't think that I made a mistake, except that sending that text effected me for the next semester when we had another class together. He acted as if I was really shy and not worth his time. Sometimes he talked to me again. I decided to act as if I didn't care about him in that way anymore because he was playing games. I'm interested in dating him or becoming another one of his good friend girls. I will be seeing him again. He has quite a lot of friend girls. I do like his friend group, so even without this guy there, I will be trying to spend time with them. Any opinions? I don't know what to do about this mess. I know that I made mistakes as well. Please help!

Another thing, he's attractive to several other girls. Also, I'm not shy at all. I just never got to show him that. I don't know if it would matter but at the time I told him I liked him as a friend, he got a girlfriend immediately. I'm just guessing he asked her the same question. I am friends with his ex girlfriend now. It didn't effect anything right? I'm just unsure. Ask questions if you want.


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  • Well you need to decide what it is you want from his friendship or maybe relationship. If you just want to be around his friends and do not care about him much then do not pay attention to him. If you want something from him then you have to either see if he is open to it or move on


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  • Is he dating anyone right now?

    • No, he's not dating anyone right now.

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    • Yes. She doesn't have feelings for him at all anymore. Thanks 4 help.

    • Then where's the mess? There is no mess at all. Ask him to hang out just the two of you.