Tips for getting a girl back that used to like me?

i hadn't even really knew this girl she's actually kind of shy but I salute always catch her staring at me or shed flirt with me a bit. I was at work and had went to one of our vendors to deal with some business and she was there she asked me to take her to lunch but it was not posiable at that time I asked for her number and all that moment the vendor called me I the office she said when I came out to come finder well hours later when I left she wasn't there. She has now unfollow me in social meadia and unlike all my post. I recently met her sister who has self decided to help me out but even she doesn't know what I can so she says. I did see her the other day geting in her car and driving off without even looking at me her sister said its prop ably because she didn't want me to see her with out make up and she was telling her not to be mad at me for not talking beacuse I ddnt know she was there till last minute


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  • I don't think there is a chance with her.
    Move on and forget about her.


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  • Dude first off , distance makes the heart grow fonder ! Check mine it similar !

    • Other then the other day when I saw her in a parking lot I had went where she works and caught her staring for ever but when I went to talk to her she was gone but that was like four months ago. When I get a chance I'll check yours out for shure

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    • I checked your question out I don't think it's in your head I've had something similar happen. Well I ran Into that girl today and even though I didn't get her number (I ddint wan to push my luck) she seemed happy to see me she was asking all kinds of questions. I hope your situation works out for you

    • I know same to you !