What should I choose to do?

Im dating with 3 people now. Meaning I've expressed mutual interest in getting to know each other with all and having done something together based on that interest.
Two are in a polygamous relationship together; a guy and a girl. They're a V now, the guy is sort of with another guy too.
The third is nice, smart and monogamous, but comes with a lot of emotional bagage.

My heart (or hormoles) tells me I like the poly guy way more than the others and I don't know what to do


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  • Go with your heart, emotions and what feels right for you. Also weigh all the pros and cons. If it was me I would choose a girl that gave me less drama and less stress and who I have a stronger connection and bond with.

    • My heart says I want to be with the polyamourous guy. But his girlfriend likes me a lot and Im afraid I'll hurt her, she won't want to be my friend, their relationship will be complicated because of me and he'll choose to ditch me because of loyalty to her.
      Im not jealous at their relationship, although I do feel he loves her more than he loves me and therefore it won't work. They also aren't too keen at getting into a triangle although they don't dismiss the option completely. Simply because if one bond is broken the other two are in danger too.

      The other 'normal' guy is nice too, but I don't want to keep him in suspense - that would be plain bitchy and selfish. Im now trying to find out how to tell him I have feelings for someone else.

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    • Thank you for your help on the subject

    • Your very welcome. I hope anything I said helped. I hope things work out for you.

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  • Well, can you actually accept polygamous relationships?

    • I can accept their existance but not my capability to be happy in one

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