Is something happening or am I just overthinking?

One day I was talking with my friend in between band practice and while we were talking I was randomly plucking the notes of Paganini's Campanella on my violin. Then all of a sudden she said "hey that reminds me of my ex he used to come over all the time to show off that Campanella" So I was like "really..." Then she was like "he's single now why not I set you two up?"
So it went like this
Me: set us up for what?
Friend: you're single he's single, both of you are crazy show off soloists, why not?
Me: No need 😒 we need to practice a lot for the upcoming recital you know?
Friend: we'll see about that~ NOW LET'S NAIL THIS CANON.

So we went back to practice.

About a month after that, this guy followed me on instagram. I saw that he's also followed by my friend and that we took part in almost all the same competitions so I thought 'fine I'll let him follow me, maybe we met at a competition and since C (my friend) does a lot of competitions too maybe it's a coincidence.'

Ok. Then after that, 2 months later we've reached present time and he just added me on Snapchat. 😒

Earlier on she did mention that I should meet her 'single best bro' after I broke up with my ex. And I was like 'I've had enough guys for now!!' And she was like 'if they pursue you?' I was like 'let them but I'm seriously not interested for now'

So is something seriously up? Or am I just overthinking? 😓


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  • Nothing apart from the fact that she is trying to set you up with people instead of minding her own business.