Guy ignoring my text? Why?

So I met this guy on a dating app. He came on superrrrrrrrrr strong! Wanted to talk on the phone all the time before we even met. And kept talking about how he wants to marry me and how he really likes me etc.. (which freaked me out) We met person after a week of talking and we had a good time. After we met he texted me that same night and said he had fun etc.. The next day he didn't text me all day and I heard from him at night and he just said "Hey stranger", I responded and said " Hey how is your night going?" He hasn't replied since last night. Before we met he would blow up my phone and now he's distant. Why is he ignoring me if he texted me in the first place? Does he have issues with commitment?


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  • I guess you weren't what he was looking for

  • he's not really into you. thats was just a flirty text at first, nothing serious


What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sorry but it sounds like something just didn't click for him. He's ghosting. I know you had a good time, and he gave you the "had a great time" post date text, but something just wasn't there in person that was online.

    Don't contact him anymore, just move on. If he's interested, he'll make the next move since you've already tried.

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