When a girl does this?

The other day when i was staring into space & i was staring at the trash can & i see the girl i liked looking at me later I was staring at the wall & when i look over again i saw her looking at me & smiling while she have her hands on their chin


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  • Okay, firstly, why you staring at a wall? XD

    And secondly, if she keeps staring at you that probably means she finds you attractive.

    My boyfriend used to stare and smile at me at school before we started going out and even before we knew each other that well. I always thought he was cute so just made eye contact and smiled back for a few seconds whenever I caught him.

    I was pretty sure he was staring at me but was always a bit unsure, like maybe he was just staring into space or at someone behind me and I just happened to be there.

    I recently asked my boyfriend though: "Also, did you used to stare at me in school? I swear I caught you a few times?"

    He said he wasn't going to answer that, we started chatting about something else for a few minutes and then before he left he told me

    "Oh yeah and.. Yeah, you were right what you said earlier"

    I'd forgotten what he was on about for a second then got it

    "Oh! So you did used to stare at me?"

    "Yeah, shut up"

    Lol. Yeah if she keeps staring she probably likes you, go talk to her :)

    • Lol I don't know i guess I was bored in class. But I thought it meant that she was laughing at me while I was staring into space lol but I don't know she may like me though

    • It is a possibly she could've just found that funny, but I mean if she keeps staring at you it could be that she likes you.

      I used to stare at my crushes all the time too and even still stare at my boyfriend whether he can see me doing it or not lol

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  • She likes you

  • Hands on her chin... What movie are you watching. That's not even a real thing.