Meet this younger women who works at ice cream stand last summer now she's back?

to explain I originally meet her last summer and had a bit of a thing for her , the place she works is restaurant in another town and they have this concession stand outside I often go to and so I went there a few times last summer , first saw her there , then a couple other times as an excuse to talk and check her out , she's got a really cute/sexy look to her for her age. I had a hard time getting a read on her , but think she eventually enjoyed my attention and did kind of like me. but I'm pretty sure she clued in that I wasn't there just for the ice cream and that I found her attractive.

anyways I was back there today and to my surprise she was still working there , so I kinda of talked to her for a bit although not about anything serious and got an ice cream. she actually looks a bit hotter than last year , feel like after all my lusting after her last summer and now that's she's back , should either make an attempt to actually date her or just forget about her cause it be kind of a waste of my time to keep visiting her and not ask her out at some point , I don't even know if she is single or not , I had tried to find her online last summer but didn't know enough about her to find her

any thoughs? is she worth pursuing? is it creppy that I keep visiting her at work or did she enjoy it?


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  • It's not creepy, however I think it would be best to ask her out as soon as possible.

    • i'm not sure when i'll be back there maybe next week , might be a chance to talk to her again if she's working , I don't think the age diff is significant enough to be creepy

    • ... how old is she?

    • she's younger than me but not sure of exact age

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  • Is she worth it? well thats for you to decide.. But it can't hurt to try and if you dont you may regret it in the future..

    • I don't really know her that well. based on my initial convo's with her and my level of attractiveness to her I'd say I'm into the idea at this point. I need to get to know her more outside of her work somehow?

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    • hah its all good man i do that all that time lol =P but ya just figure out a good casual spot that you can talk and that might have stuff that you can use in a casual non-threatening conversation

    • the one restaurant nearby looks kind of interesting its kind of on the water , sort of a bar but really a restaurant , she might be more familiar with it than I'm as she lives there. there is other places in town I live in but I know a lot of the servers at them and it might be a bad idea to take her there at this time , at this stage I'd just like to get to know her better and see if there is something more here or not

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