Huge moral dilemma?

I've been talking to this girl for a few months now and within the last week, she told me she wants more than just a friendship... problem is she's 17 and I'm 20. Where I live, the age of consent is 16 but I've never been with a girl under the age of 18. She will be a senior this year and turns 18 in December.

On top of her being underage, these are the other problems that worry me:
-I'll be 21 in October, so dating her will be a restriction on the bar life
-She doesn't know if she wants to go to college
-Maturity level (seems mature now, but who knows after a few months)

She has just about everything I look for in a girl. Only major downfall is she's 17. What are your thoughts?


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  • Hey, Sir!!! :) I see... trust me... I've witnessed this change, not only to myself, but to my friends and coworkers too!!! What you have to ask yourself is what you mean by mature and what is your biggest concern... physically (hardly/maybe sexier), emotionally (being attached, but not clingy), mentally (fake life/High school Vs the real world/ Book Smarts Vs Street Smarts), socially (dramatic Vs socially aware, but not obsessive)...

    If you don't like to drink MORE than being with this girl... just go out with your friends or don't ALWAYS order alcohol. Know that you don't have to be 21 lol to get into bars. I like my margaritas and Daqaris, but I don't like bars much lol... Mexican restaurants rock!! She can order virgin drinks like I used to :) ... oh and I thought you wanted a submissive slave housewife? Do you fear she has little ambition OR that you are from two different worlds? Like ya lots, best friend, Good Luck!!!

    • I do want a submissive housewife, but that's a privilege she has to earn! For her to earn it, she will work her ass off and prove her love to me before it's ever allowed. It's not the drinking part that gets me, it's the fact it will be 3 years before she can legally go to the bars after 9pm. Plus, it doesn't look good for a junior in college to be dating a high schooler. We're both equal in physical attractiveness, only I'm the one with the future and have to worry about her being a REAL gold digger

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    • Lol I rarely apologize for anything... but I made sure that she knew it was a joke!

      It's hard to explain, but the way she was texting me today kind of showed it. Girls in high school tend to play a lot of mind games... and today I caught a glimpse of that. I've grown up decently wealthy so I can usually spot a gold digger... I know for a fact you're not one... but the girl I'm after scares me!

    • Thanks for the MHO, Sir!!!

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  • Well what matters most to you? Bar life or a girl? The age is a bit of an issue but to be honest your not exactly old yourself, thats only a three year difference which isn't really that big of a gap. I would say go for it see what happens. After all just because she can't go out drinking with you doesn't mean you can't drink, you can have a few beers at home go out with friends (in fact it could help be an excuse for a guys night out) I would bring up the issues you have talk to her and then give it a shot and see what happens.

    • Obviously I'm not old, but the girls I see are between the age of 20-24... and their is a large change in maturity between high school and college. I made it very clear with her that we will have nights with our friends and that's the way it's been with every girl... having her around won't change that. It's not that I'm trying to chose the bar life, or a girl. I have no problems getting girls, but it sucks that I'll be going out to the bars and having to explain I'm taken to all the girls I talk to... instead of her being by my side to show it.

      Though, if she was 18 and out of high school... I wouldn't be asking this question!

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    • @xDocilexFaeriex Currently I'm not in a relationship so I can be with as many girls as I want. But, if I decide to date her, I will NEVER cheat on her!

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  • I would wait until she is 18 to make it official. The gap isn't so big though,

    • Things move very fast with every girl I meet. My choices are to get her now or lose her!

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