Girl gets in contact and then answers with one word response WTF?

A girl I like always gets in contact but then asks a question followed by one word responses

A. Is she fishing for my attention to see if I'm easy?

B. Is she disinterested?

C. Does she want me to open her up and ask questions?

D. Another better answer than the above (give details please)


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  • Do it this way:

    If you were her and doing this, what would that mean?

    You're a play toy for when she's bored. Move on

    • Thanks I'll remember that.

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    • I could have been nicer about it. It's hard enough to hear that the person you like is toying with you.

      & No. Delete the messages. Leave her hanging so she knows you're not available to her 24/7

    • Thanking you. 👍🏻

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  • Don't play her game OP. Do not play that bullshite.

  • Forget her. She's just playing that emotional trap game on you

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