Is it possible to get a woman even though I'm both dumb and ugly?

I've been really down lately because it's been so long since I last had a girlfriend. I've never been good with the women. In high school no girl would ever date me.

Most at of the times when I can get s girl to talk to me. I usually don't know what to say and they end up being turned off.

I didn't have my first girlfriend until I was 23. Which was a nightmare, she treated me like shit. I tried so hard to do anything for her and she would never appreciate. In fact she would tell how dumb and ugly I am all the time.

My second girlfriend I had at 24. She was very nice to me. We had a good relationship that kept me happy. Then I found out after a year that she had been cheating on me. Ever since then I haven't dated anyone.

No girl will look at me because I'm ugly. I have diabetes which leave me looking skinny with awful skin. I'm not the brightest because I've got mental health problems.

Is there any possible way I can get a girl? Like what do I do? What do I say?


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  • 1. Invest in a good acne cream
    2. Learn CBT/get therapy
    3. Gain confidence
    4. Hit the gym


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  • Somewhere, a girl is asking, "Can I find a boyfriend even though I'm dumb and ugly?" There is someone for everyone!

  • Bro I understand. I was never approached either by a girl in my life. I dated this one girl, and found out she was a whore. She dated me and this other dude at the same time and kept lying to both of us. Disgusting. Anyway...
    Yeah I got you. You just gotta wait for the one person who will love you unconditionally. Its who you are the girl should fall in love with. Not your body, money, etc. waiting is the best option

  • Yes. You just be you. You just say things people want to hear.