Would you approach a girl even if she comes off as shy?

I've caught this guy checking me out before and my friend on a different occasion said the same thing. We've made lots of eye contact and i am attracted to him but I dont really do anything about it because I dont think I want a fling like that. Anyways I overheard him before talking to a friend in my direction and I couldn't make out what the friend was saying but I heard him say "she's shy" I could be overthinking this all but wtf does that mean. Honestly if he just came to me and said something I wouldn't be shy at all. Im just not social and I don't start convo's with strangers. Oh well. Its probably past the point to approach him anyway it seems awkward. Would you dismiss a girl for coming off as quiet?


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  • If the girl doesn't seem interested.. most guys would stop trying and move on. I actually never ask girls out... I flirt and if they are interested, they ask me.

    • yeah but see he never tried. I mean checking out a person doesn't mean anything, just means you're staring. Plus I don't know how to do that honestly

    • You could go the old school route and ask a friend to ask his friend how he feels about you?

  • Shy girls are the most attractive to me.
    Their mysterious. That intrigues me... I want to get to know them... bring them out a bit and talk...

    But it's their Silence that scares me cause I DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE THINKING!!!


  • No, he is not approaching you because he is shy too.

    • You think so? I've seen him bombarded by girls a lot though. And I don't know he gives that cocky confidence vibe

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    • Hope so 🙆🏻

    • Good luck ;)

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