How should you respond if your girlfriend asks which one of her friends is the most attractive?

We were drinking a little with our friend group and all of her girlfriends left and it was just me and a 2 of my guy friends and her with me and we were joking around. She randomly asked "with a gun to your head you need to answer which one of my friends do you find the most attractive?" I wasn't drunk enough to answer honestly and told my buddies to answer it. I laughed it off but I felt awkward being in that spot.


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  • hi im much older than you but high five to the correct response, avoid at all costs, she would forever hold that on you. if you're interested in why, she's seeking confirmation, acceptance, im guessing here and would love to get a reply from you that she is more attractive than the friends she was referring too? also perhaps as you are young , no offence intended at all, she did this with other male friends infront of you to promote her worthiness and attractive? did the males say her? my advice even if you find an attractive quality in her friends dont express it, its not necessary and will only give you grief. instead if you really love her answer her by saying something like, i dont even think like that because im with you, and if she ever really pushes you for an answer dont go physical go something like, i like the fact she's a kind person, etc if you know what i mean. everything I've said might be considered a white lie, well in my age old opinion 45yrs old female very open minded hippy boho type, people in life set you up for a fall and use things against you when it suits them best, dont want to be a downer on you as you are so young just trying to be helpful xx to me you are obviously quite a unique intelligent being to have with held yourself from this situation and come here for opinions, as i often say my take above, take what you will, i genuinely want to give my life experience and absolutely love responses back to further opinions, my life philosophy we learn everyday until the day we die, i try my best to test and push myself for this, so if you have something to say to me that will challenge me i would love that, anything at all xx

    • They were typical single guys and went physical talking about kne her her friend's ass lol. I expected them to do so. I admit my mind wanders but I don't say out loud if I see a hot chick.

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  • Tell her that compared to her they are all runners up

    • That's the easy one but she asked assuming she's the most attractive lol. I wanted to mess with her and answer honestly but I thought better of it.

    • Before you play in that fire dude buy asbestose underware lmao

    • Thanks man

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