How can you stay with a horrible person?

My mom is with a guy who is plain awful. She knows all of these facts and he's admitted to them!
He stalked her with binoculars, before he met her.
He cheats on her and gave her several curable diseases.
He threatens to hit her.
He's a pill addict
He leeches off her. He makes her pay for everything. Even going out to eat, food, bills.
She paid off his old credit card bills and his house that is caving in. Mom has to clean up after him, he won't even wash dishes or clean his piss up..
He hardly spends time with her, he'd rather play games alone, text his friends 17 year old daughter. He was accused of sexually abusing his 8 year old daughter and his ex wife while they were asleep. He admitted to drugging his ex for sex..
About my mom,
She has her own home, same job for 15 years and she's actually pretty. She complains he's little down there and he's very unattractive.
She's a vibrant uplifting person he's not. She even says she doesn't love him.
How can you stay with a horrible nasty person and why would you?


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  • Your mom must be feel she won't find anyone else who would be interested in her, but then again all those time and effort wasted on that dude she must be don't want to start a fresh relationship with someone else

    • They've been together for 6 years. He's always been that way. I probably should of mentioned that. Lol thank you.

    • Your welcome, Take care

    • Thank you for MHO

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  • People accept the kind of love they think they deserve.