Girls, would it be a dealbreaker for you if you found out the guy you were dating experimented with another man at some point in his life?

I really love women, but I'm a little curious and want to fool around with another man. I don't want it to come back and bite me though lol.

Please don't post your opinions. I can see from the few that have posted that there's another huge double standard.


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  • Do you have a girl in your life right now? If so than yes a huge deal breaker

    If not, then for me I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker Per say but it would definitely make me question yours sexuality, and maybe change the relationship going forward as that would be some crazy news to digest when your assuming your man is straight. ;)

    • I mean can't a guy have a gay experience like many women have lesbian experiences? I don't have a woman in my life right and and am kind of bi curious.

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  • I'm not sure... I'd want to talk about it in detail with him.

  • Yeah!! It's huge deal breaker
    Any straight girl wouldn't want her boyfriend to fuck another guy or be fucked by him lol
    I'm sure every girl wants 100% straight guy Haha

    • So why is it okay for a woman to have a lesbian experience because she's bicurious, but a guy can't have a homosexual experience to see what he thinks? I mean if I had one and then I'm dating you later on then honestly I must've not liked being with a dude. This just seems like another double standard. It's okay for women to satisfy their bicuriousity, but not men. I'm sorry I posted this.

    • 🙄😒... Well I'm 100 no wait I'm
      100.1% straight I'm not attractive to girls nor would I ever want to do anything with them
      And I want the same from the guy I'm with

      The girls your talking about I don't know any girls like da.. all my friends are straight and doesn't want to anything with the same gender..
      Till this day I haven't even kissed a girl on the cheeks 😬

  • Total deal breaker for me

    • I'm sorry I posted this. It's a huge double standard.

    • I don't know what to tell you. Just voicing my own standard. I haven't, and never will, experiment with a woman. It just doesn't interest me...

  • Yes, it would bother me.. it'll always linger in my mind if Bob is more than a "friend "