How do you deal with a person who rejected you but now sees you as their best friend?

Here's the scenario: You meet someone you think is amazing. You hang out for a couple of months (obviously too long of a wait) before expressing your feelings for them. They reject you.

By this time, however, you two have been together enough to have developed a strong emotional attachment to each other. The other person sees you as their new best friend and someone they can truly confide in with their most personal matters. You also see them as someone you can genuinely rely on.

But it isn't a true friendship, as you still have distracting feelings for that person and tend to feel jealous when they speak of other romantic interests.

The dilemma is that it's now difficult to extract yourself from a potentially toxic situation that benefits the other person completely, but only partially for you.

How would you approach this issue?


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What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's very difficult remaining just friends with someone who you have romantic feelings for. Eventually they'll meet someone and it's so painful "watching" someone you love... loving someone else. It's not easy to accept that all you'll ever have with them is a platonic friendship.

    Personally, the best way to deal with it is to ask yourself which is more painful: Having her in your life and trying to suppress romantic feelings , knowing you will never be more than just a friend to her , or not having her in your life and cutting contact with her.

    It's sad to let go of someone who is a good friend because true friends are hard to find. In the end though, you have to put your own emotional state above everything else. It's best to be healthy alone than an emotional wreck with someone


What Guys Said 2

  • Extract yourself. No really, just do it. You live life with your own interests at the forefront, not their's. This relationship is toxic, you don't benefit at all and you stand to lose a lot - get out of it. You don't owe her anything. Nothing at all. If she can't accept you moving on without her, that is her own problem.
    If she truly thinks of you as her best friend, she'll have to understand where you're coming from. If she can't understand then that means she was no friend to begin with.

  • that would suck a lot... Id straight up tell her i dont wann be friend to people who rejected me

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