Do you play the game?

Well if you meet a player do you play along or do you tell him/her to stop? Or are you perhaps a player yourself?
I know a player when I see one and I usually do not go for their game, but if so I wanna show them what the rules are!

Do you play the game?

  • I dont waste my time on such
  • Yeah, to show them who makes the rules
  • I always fall for them
  • Yup, I am one!
  • I play, but not with feelings
  • Other
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  • girls always go for players. theyre attracted to them

    • I am personally not attracted to them. Sometimes they disgust me. But yeah, they might look good on the outside.

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    • thats okay too. I was just suggesting what you can do with players

    • Haha yeah, but thet have a more important purpose. The purpose is that girls like I troll them and make them losers. 😇 haha, no but seriously taken they are here to learn inexperienced girls to avoid them. Basically they are losers.

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