If you have a crush on someone, why do/would you do these?

A) Want to know when they've been online the last time/what time they usually come online

B) Wait for them to come online but not start a conversation

C) Wait for them to go offline before going offline yourself?

Just to clarify:
Not something I'm doing or would do, I'm just an observer and trying to understand what goes through their head. Not judging anyone, just finding it fascinating and want to figure out what people get from this kind of behavior / why they would act like this :)


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  • Watch as the keen predator stalks her prey... :D You obviously want to talk to the person, but you're scared of taking initiative I guess.

    • Not something I'm doing. But you think a person acting like this would want to be in contact but is too scared to actually do so?

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    • Lol! Yea, I doubt the second too :D Although I like the way you think.
      This person is a guy and I know for sure that he's crazy about her. Just don't get why he would rather stalk her online behavior than actually talk to her. It's not like it's going to get him anywhere with the girl. Or maybe he just likes to dream about it but then reality hits and he backs off?

    • What's the history between the two?

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  • Lol
    I think I do (b)

    And that is because I don't want to make it obvious I like him


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