I feel like this girl isn't interested in me?

Im a 21 year old black male who has never had a girlfriend and still a virgin unfortunately. I met this white girl at my job who I find attractive but she is 30 and has a 6 year old daughter. One day I was using craigslist and happened to come across her email and I found out it was her. When we saw each other in person we were talking about my ad and then we started talking about sex and stuff and we were texting each other back and forth. She told me she would have sex with me since im a virgin but she was saying she would only do it at my house but we can't do it at my house cause I live with my parents. But anyway im getting the feeling now everytime I text her sometimes she don't text back or she text back sometimes. Its treally starting to make me feel like she isn't interested anymore. this morning I asked her if I could call her later and we could talk on the phone and she never responded. Do you think she is leading me on? I feel like talking to her now is a waste of time. She works at the same job as me but she works a little later than I do. I feel very sad and depressed about this situation cause it seems like every girl I meet they always ignore me in some type of way. Should I tell her how I really feel or just let it be? I feel like killing myself right now cause im tired of going through constant rejection over and over again by girls. I feel like no girl wants me and I will be single and a virgin for the rest of my life. She never really text me first and most of the time I always have to text her. She claims I never text her that much when that's a damn lie I aways text her but she rarely responds and when she does its most likely a 1 word response or nor response or short replies. I don't have time for this bullshit I want a girl to show me that she is interested and no girl has. I feel like killing myself no girl in this world will ever want me. I think she is just pretending to like me or just being fake.


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  • She was never really interested, and if she was, it was just for sex. Don't kill yourself over people who don't even matter.


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  • it sounds like she was primarily interested in sex. i kind of think that as things went on with your conversations she probably developed some hesistations due to your inexperience and what sounds like are stronger feelings than just a desire for a hookup

    i think she is interested in sex but not much else

    • but if that's the case does she keep ignoring my text?

    • I meant to say why does she keep ignoring my text if that's the case

    • cause i don't think she knows how to respond. i think she probably realizes in offering sex she opened up a door she wasn't really ready to walk through

      i'd say back off. if she is interested in you she will make it known.

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  • i think she was only interested in having sex... Wel since that can't happen in your house. she lost interest

  • I have no idea if she was interested or not , she's just 1 girl , I'm assuming you live in a fairly large city? isn't there other singles to meet? have you tried any actual dating sites or single bars / clubs? where have you been meeting people?

    • Online dating is bullshit and a waste of time. I constantly get ignored by women

    • And I don't really get out that much I'm kind of an introvert

    • well I agree online dating is kind of difficult but you have to get out there more to meet the single women , there not going to come to you