Why would a girl flake?

So there's this girl I've been talking to recently on and off and she's been hitting me up and etc so 2 days ago she sends me a message on snap chat based off my post that I was at this restaurant eating and she's like "umm please " then I saw the opportunity to ask her to dinner so I did so I brought it up and I asked her to dinner and hookah and she said " yess!!!"so after that the next day that we had plans for about 1:30-2hrs before I pick her up she sends me a message saying "hey so I don't think tonight is going to workout because I'm broke rn " then I told her that I cover it and I invited you so it's my treat and she replies " no no it's not ok with me " so we went back and forth 2 more times about it then I told her it's ok we can reschedule for another time and she replies by saying " ok perfect thanks 😘" I played it cool and just went on with my day but what does this mean? And why the random kissy face?


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  • She didn't flake. She didn't have money to go out. I would have done the same.


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  • she didn't flake. she politely cancelled because she was short on money and she didn't feel comfortable with you spending money no her

    perfectly valid excuse in my book.

    now if she backs out of another scheduled meeting or seems to waffle on making another decision it may be a sign that she isn't certain about going out with you


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  • Ok, perfect thanks *kissy face*.
    My first transalation is, "thank you very much, you're such a gentle giant I could just kiss you."

    My second translation, "Thanks dumbass, you fell right into my trap, I really have money and I have other plans but thanks for being a gentlemen *kissy face*"

    Your choice Op which translation you like better, I like the first.

  • Anxiety, she doesn't care that much about you, found better plans, sick family member, old friend came into town.

    Don't try to understand women bro, women understand other women and they hate each other