Guys, why do you disappear and reappear?

My crush, in the beginning everything was going fine. We see eachother at the same spot every Friday at 8am, conversate. Then one day he didn't show up so we stopped seeing each other. So i let it go. Like maybe he wasn't that intrested in me, whatever. A few weeks later i see him showing up again. Always passing by me, always greeting eachother. Approaching me at random places to conversate. I don't know how he feels but i feel like a option to him. I'm hurt and confused. But then again he probably don't see me that way.
So why do you guys disappear?

And why reappear when he isn't intrested?


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  • Because I'm a ninja and have too many smoke bombs to spare.

    But ehh perhaps he knows that you're a good person, you both had fun and he wanted to check up on you again?

    • Nah, not even close!

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    • Hey buddy, that isn't what she is asking about though! Did she say years in-between? Nah... she did not.

    • @jjesica346 wew ehm okay..
      It could also be if something went down. I've had a rocky May and June

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  • Cause they're hot and they're cold they're yes and fuck this bitch she's crazy lol


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  • They disappear because they've found someone they like better and reappear when they can't find someone else

  • Well, I disappear because I have work. I re-appear the same day, though.

    • I hate you

    • Well, we *do* have the downvote option available, again :)

    • 🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓

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  • He might've had something going on just that one day. answer my question by the way xxx

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