Is Japan a better place to date as a guy?

Out of curiosity I decided to try browsing other countries on okcupid when I tried Japan the profiles had far far more effort put into them they where a mix of expats and Japanese they were more plentiful better looking and a lot more effort went into the photos.
Very different from the west where most are ever heavily overweight have kids, aren't exactly lookers or there barely filled out.
What's going on here?


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  • Basically little Japanese girls do as well here, as normal white guys do there.

    If you're a giant white guy with blue eyes and blonde or red hair you're straight up gonna get molested.

    • 6 foot, 12 stone blue/green eyes, light brown hair and early 20s but cursed with male pattern baldness though there are ways to cover that up like using hair fibers which is something i'm going to try out.
      So maybe I should learn japanese and make that my go to holiday destination.

    • Learn enough to get buy, and don't bother covering up baldness.
      Own your baldness brotha, work it. You want tips on picking up girls in almost any culture its about confidence. And confidence is working what you've got with no apology. Scared little girls hide their bald patches, men say "Fuk this, my hairs gonna fall out, I'm shaving the whole damn thing and growing a wicked beard". Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Stathom, Micheal Jordan all have a great look. And they are all baldies with beards. Work it yo, work it.

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  • If you're white you may find it easy to find someone to hook up with. However, it may be difficult to find someone who'd really love you for more than just you being white.