Should I tell this guy that I really like, about music ex boyfriend?

So it's been only a week since I have been talking to this guy, we both really like each other and we have been getting to know each other as friends and we are going to take everything slow, without rushing into a serious relationship. But my ex always find a away to stalk my account on Facebook and Instagram because I haven't met his friends and I think he uses his friends account or makes a fake account because I blocked his account already. So sometimes he makes fake accounts and I add anybody because I have this page to help others and I accept anyone friend request so they can talk to me. I don't trust my ex because he has once tried to ruin future relationships, so I gave up and didn't really care about meeting anyone until last week. I know it's early but I don't know if I should warn him about my ex.

* about my
( not music )


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  • If you really like him and want to give it a chance then yes as at least then when your ex does try he'll already know

    • Thank you and I will, I just got scared because I was worried if I tell him he might not want to deal with the drama.

    • :) your welcome. And hun he'll find out eventually whether you tell him or your ex starts

    • ☺ ... yes that is true!

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  • It is a shame when people are sneaking and causing problems in others relationships... sorry you are going through this... It is a good idea to warn people about your bad experience...

    • Yes it really is, thanks I never would of thought it would happen because a lot of girls had a crush on my ex. I'm definitely going to tell him, he has the right to know, and at least he will be prepared if he does try to talk to him.

  • ok i have zero to say about your question... BUT that puppy dog!!! is soo adorable!!!


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