Though question: Christian relationship advice/relationship advice in general? HELP ME?

So I started a new job a few months back, and I work with this guy... lol typical right?

Anyway he started working there only a week before me, so we kinda talked and stuck together as newbies. But then he added me on Facebook, and we stared messaging... and how we just text haha. We have hung out a few times, I went over to his house once and we watched hockey, we have went out for ice cream and supper, and he always pays. And I think I kinda like him...
I haven't decided if we go out as friends or more... we often discuss work and life, as I definitely don't have mine figured out yet, and am unsure if I want to return to college in the fall. And he is in-between jobs, and stuff.

Okay so thats the easy part, I'm 20 and he's 30. I'm a Christian, and he is not. The age gap kind of freaks me out, like maybe he just sees me as a kid. I don't know what to do. Should I just walk away and not bother? Is this a good time to "flirt to convert" Is a ten year age gap to much? How do I know if he is genuinely interested in me, or if he just wants to get in my pants? (Because I am not in to that.)

I love talking to him, he has kind of been my rock the last couple of months, and I kinda need someone like that in my life. (I don't have the best relationship with my parents right now) he always listens to me, and always tries to help me, or offer advice.

My mom actually asked me tonight "are you dating?" I said no. then she asked "If he asked you out would you say yes?" I didn't know what to say... Like of course I would want to say yes, but should I?

I know that my parent would not approve of him, becuase he is much older, and also becusae he isn't a christian.


Okay, rant over.


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  • Ten years is an age gap but it's not that much. I'm in a 12 year age gap 'ship. If you like him go for it, he obviously enjoys speaking to you and you clearly have some things in common. I'm not sure why being a Christian is relevant? I mean you can just date and see how it goes, you don't have to take things super serious right away.


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  • Just don't date him. Problem solved.

  • I get what you mean. I'm a Christian and I have fallen for non Christian girls before. I go over and over it in my head. Should I, shouldn't I. Would it work. Would she accept me or would we eventually clash. Also I'm older but like younger girls. I feel more comfortable with them and often get along well with them. I look younger so it's almost like they accept me as closer to their age group. Then I have another dilemma in my head. Would she be ok with the age gap. Will people view me as a cradle snatcher.
    It's tough isn't it? lol


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  • Fuck him good and hard :)

    😘 Good start to a nice wholesome Christian relationship

  • If you feel like giving it a try, do so.

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