Worried about him not planning enough, am I overreacting?

decided to try online dating, it's worked for many of my friends.

All my past relationships would move really fast-immediately within two weeks seeing each other all the time and then they would crash and burn because all my exes were jerks and or commitment phobic and or abusive, and we all know those men come on strong.

I took a break after my last ex because I knew I had to work on not drawing these men into my life. I went to therapy and chose not to date for over six months. Now I definitely learned to respect myself more and set much higher standards and not to ignore red flags.

So on the app this guy messaged me about two weeks ago. He was very direct and said "hi I am ---- I also ------ (shared cultural/religious similarity). I would love to have dinner or drinks with you, let me know when you're available." I was very flattered but asked him to tell me more about himself so we spoke a little more and he seemed nice so we set a date for the following week.

Our date was great. Dinner. He was on time. Seemed like we had chemistry and hit it off well. He was a gentleman and great conversationalist w a great sense of humor. He asked me out again and started texting me every day. He invited me to a bbq w his friends for the fourth but I couldn't go.

We had set a second date for this past week and he was talking to me a lot and said lets go out this week so I asked him if we're still on for that day. He said of course and we had a great time. He is being very respectful too just a peck.

At the end of our second date he asked me when I'm free again I said Sunday. He said ok we'll talk about it.

So this was Tuesday. He's been texting daily but he hasn't discussed our plans. I'm starting to get annoyed and worried. Worried that he's going to back-burner me or fading on me. But I can't tell if it's my intuition or my fears and anxiety. Perhaps a bit of both. I had a really good intuition about him. Help? I really like him but certainly won't chase him.


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  • Lol just mention Tuesday... "Hey are we still on for Tuesday? The girls asked me if I wanted to go out for girls night is all?"

    Subtle, doesn't make you look crazy and inevitably gets you your answer.

  • I think its good that your trying to get back into the dating world , the reality is its tough and is a lot of different singles out there , some are easier to date and get along with then others. so you just have to keep trying and meet new people


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  • Well just casually bring it up if it worries you. Probably your insecurities from past relationships making you nervous though

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