Girls, What do you do when your looks make women nervous?

Apparentlly I'm good looking. I don't get it and I have no ego about it trust me. 🙁
Im the guy that when I walk into a room women all turn their heads. Sounds great? It's not. I get to see jealousy, guys posturing, I've been in fights with boyfriends who are pissed their girl looked at me etc.
Women often become extremely nervous around me.
Everyone assumes I'm a player. But they are so wrong. I rarely go out anymore and lost all my friends to a very long term relationship. Now I'm just a single dad who is looking for friends and maybe a companion.
Its been so long since I've had sex or anything like that it's a joke. I don't even consider it anymore. I just want to make friends. Really. I know it's impossible to imagine but really.
I am finding that because I'm like a stranger in a strange land, women seem very courious about me but get nervous and full of assumptions about what I must be and what my intentions are (all guys want to hump and dump). But that's not me. I ultimately want a long monogamous relationship. I'm not interested in playing around. I've had a hard life and so my priorities are a little more grounded then most people.
How do I put women at ease? How do I get people to just relax and treat me like normal?
Please help.


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  • Hmm I have to admit that I always assume very good looking men are players. I'm even skeptical just reading this!

    If I had to give you advice, I'd say maybe act a bit shy? If a good looking, overconfident man approached me, I'd probably ignore him, assuming he was after one thing.

  • Lol.
    Just smile and say hi its really not that hard.

    • Um trust me it's a little more complex than that.

    • So what's hard with saying hi?

    • Obvouslly I say hi, smile and even engage in pleasant chit chat. That's the easy part.

  • Uuuu this hits home because currently a guy is interested in me (it's mutual haha) and he's really good looking which is far from how I would describe myself.. I guess what would make me feel easier would be if you would show that you're humble and show me how you see me trough your eyes if that makes sense.. show her she is beautiful to you as you are to her

    • Thank you so much for replying. 🙂
      Great suggestion. I try to put people at ease with humor and humility. I compliment, but sparingly and always in a good natured, creative way. It actually pains me to see people nervous because I've been there, having formerly been and to an extent still am, very shy and nervous. I just want to relax people- I'm nothing special, I'm just me. Lol if that makes any sense.
      I'll think on how to show someone how I see them. I have found it can be difficult to complement and show attraction without coming off like I'm just trying to charm for sinister purposes.

    • Also, a good idea would be to say to her (when you notice she's nervous) that you're just as nervous as her or something like that, be creative ;)

    • Cool. Thanks!