A guy screwed me over so I got revenge?

i met a guy months ago- we went on dates. He acted almost like a sociopath
said he was going to fix my door but then almost broke it and beat it up. He was rude to a kitten of mine passive aggressive and weird towards me too. I think at one point he was interested sexually but then i asked him why he was rude to my kitten. then at one pt said he got back with his ex.
months later, he answered an ad of mine- at the time i wanted oral due to a crazy guy who
was messing with me. so i wanted sexual things. This jerk set up a time to meet with me at my place. he said he wanted to bring food and make a thing of it. He lead me on
Then, last minute he said he couldn't make it and made up some stories- he was bsing.
when i called his phone through a prankcall a lady answered and he began yelling "THERES JUST ONE WOMAN in my life." i guess he had a gf? either way--the way he screwed me over was messed up..

so recently, he answered an ad of mine. i pretended to be some woman and sent a pic. we agreed to meet somewhere he had to drive 45 mins to this place. i used a fake number. First, he went to the place, and i said i was back there. he freaked out cuz he thought i stood him
up. he said its not nice to stand someone up. Then i said.. oh no wait im at the wrong place! so he drove to the other restuarant. Then when he got there- i revealed through text that im a gay guy and im there.. and i wanted to know what it's like to be with a guy. he kept saying he wants to meet me. then he said cuz he's so pissed and wants to yell at me. then i said im good at sucking c*ck.. and whats the difference man or woman. Then he said he wanted to meet.. he was interested in the sexual exchange.

i said i was too scared to meet him b/c he might beat me up overall.. this was funny as hell. In the end i said i ended up with a hot guy at a club and we sucked each other. He angrily said "I WAITED ALL NIGHT for you u MOFO"!! so the jerk was left stood up, lied to just as he did to me..

he said he wanted to get laid that night- was ok with a gay guy apparently wtf. Yet, 2 months ago he lead me on during a really bad time and screwed me over and im a beautiful female.. wtf.. he even kept saying "why would u do this to someone." wait.. why would u do what u did to me? all of it.. and im sexy and pretty and was sexually open.. huh.. sick crazy fukers out there.. we bantered back n forth for hours.. im glad i got this jerk back
lol yeah im sure all the socippathic misogynists will be so angry that an evil psycho guy got screwed over.. wtf? thats justice you evil pieces of sh*t and its hilarious.. i'd do it to the sorry bastard again he deserves it.. he is a huge psycho and jerk.. and he also will do a gay guy but lead on a really hot girl.. loser is totally fuked up and he admitted he has 'girlfriends.' he cheats on all his gf's too.. this piece of sh*t is scum... funny as fuck prank!! loved it


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  • oh my god... you are both equally nuts, seriously

    • oh not at all... getting revenge or doing a prank on an asshole is not nuts... its very awesome.. you're a fucking retard

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  • How were you supposed to know he waited for you?

    • well we drove 45 mins to the restaurant.. i know he was there... just because. Then he drove to the other place. Then he was mad and said he was going to hang out at the bar and have a drink, and if i wanted to meet him just come meet him. He then kept saying.. where are you? As if he did want to meet. I know he was there b/c when he first got there--he kept saying.. i can't see you? and he thought i stood him up... when he thought i was a girl at the first restaurant. I told him my family had a lot of money and i'd pay my tab. I also sent a fairly ok pic of a girl (im much prettier than that girl)...

      why on earth did he mind f*ck a super hot girl.. who wanted sexual things.. huh? crazy stuff.. and he was a psycho.. the whole thing was hilarious...

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    • Lol nice job. So do you guys still speak? Ask him why he did that to you

    • thanks ha! I think it was a great prank... he's a total scumbag. Everything he did and he's a cheater too. We don't talk- i didn't want to ask him why he did that- he's just a jerk and maybe got off on it. Some of these guys out there are just sick- but I had to get this one back :)

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  • Two wrongs don't make a right.

    • its not a wrong its revenge and justice... i guess putting people in prison is wrong then, or taking people to court, or any of it. thats bs

  • isn't that a bit immature of you

    • oh yeah and its not immature or evil of him to almost break my door, be mean to an innocent pet, then lead me on for a whole day about something sexual then bail out on me in a sick demented weird way... oh right.. you're an idiot

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