How do you know/what does love feel like?

I think i might love my boyfriend. He treats me amazing and just like I can't put it into words.

the reason I'm asking is because with past guys I felt this extreme infatuation but with him it's like the more I get to know him/spend time with him I think I love him more?

or maybe I just don't like him and that spark is missing? I'm just so used to the crazy, hot, fast love/infatuation I'm not used to this.


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  • It's kinda hard to explain. To me it's knowing I can talk to them about everything and everything. Being grateful for everything that person does for you and noticing everything they do for you. And when I knew I loved them i just felt so happy and had butterfly's and just actually felt so grateful for them being in my life. Like knowing I didn't have to spend every single minute with them and for us both to be able to go out and do our own things separately an not being bothered because we trusted each other. And being over the moon when I could see that person. It's hard but when you know you know cause it's different than just being infatuated. I guess you just can't imagen your life without then cause they've made such an impact and they've made you a better person and vice versa

  • Romantic love is rare. Infatuation is a fleeting feeling.
    you can't put it into words?
    The more you get to know him you love him more?
    Can you live without him? Can he be easily replaced by someone else?
    Are you attracted to him?
    I think you might already be in love but you have to evaluate it yourself.

    • I think I love him but I'm not sure? I'm used to infatuations where it just consumes me but then fizzles quick. With him it's like I'm comfortable, attracted, trust him, etc. I don't think I'd be happy without him honestly. Thinking about breaking up is really hard, I really like him, I don't know if I just like being not single though?

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