I like him , but his friend likes me !!! Help?

Ok yes its pretty simple and probably childish im 23 but im not experienced with these kind of stuff. Anyways long story short. I kind of like this guy not sure about him but some sighns show he does. Anyways we had a event were everyone got together (mutual friends bday) he invited me and i met his friends there and after i left his friend must have told everyone how beautiful and ladylike and knowledged i an and that he liked me. Next day both of them started following me on instagram. I already had his number so after the birthday thanked him we chat a little. But after his friend started writing to me he stoped writing,

I made it clear to the friend i am not instrested politly. Not blunt just close ended answers. So he stoped talking to me no awkwards buisness. But when i saw *the guy* 2 days later when i walked in he looked at me and done kike this laugh giggle thing and turned away :/ we did speak later but just about general stuff work and that. We do talk properly when we do :/ but he ussually teases me. Whats the laugh about. I mean i dont wsnt his friend and i wouldn't lead anyone on but would this mean he won't even try anymore? The friend only wrote ljke 2 days and like i said i ended everything before it can escelate


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  • go for the one you like. follow your heart

    • Ahh damm what am i even suppose to say. His so wierdy cold. I mean his friend only saw me once. He can't eve have a crush on me. Maybe a level bellow that :D. And like i said i cut it off instanly. Im not sure if he knows

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  • It seems these two Buds have a Pact that They Both have now made and it Is: "She has made one of us feel Bad and this is not good, dude."
    When your crush bowed out 'After his friend started writing to me,' then He was bowing out graciously to give Him a Chance with Romance. He mus have told your crush he really liked you. However, it backfired with the other's Desire, and now, a bit 'Awkward,' a slight egg on someone's face, no one is Talking except him with 'General stuff work and that.'
    He knows about the Rejection slip to his Bud and is Throwing in the rag as even being a Good friend Now Somehow, so as to not Hurt him.
    Blood is thicker than water, and True friends, even guys, have their own Pinkie Swear.
    Good luck. xx

    • I dont think guy i like said anything to his friend. Cause his friend wouldn't have tried to talk to me. His friend only saw me once and started talking to me even thag i cut it off instantly. So he can't even be upset. -_- cmon thats ridicilous.

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    • Thank you very muchh

    • Oh, so welcome, hun. xx

  • You can keep trying with him. If he was attracted to you in the first place, I doubt he will stop your communication in favour of his friend.

    • Not true, I really cared about a gir, who my friend picked up at the a beach. She ended up falling for me, but like a true bro I stuck with my homie.

      No way a girl is going to ruin a 12 year friendship

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    • According to OP I'm not the only one without some virtue

    • @joseyyywhales well im not going to try anything. I already spoke to him made it clear i do not want that guy. And his friend only saw me once -_- not like his feelinf anything great. As fod him i dont tbing he has told his friend. And he doesn't know i cut hisnfriend off before anything can even happen