What would your dating ad say about you and what you are looking for?

Just for fun, even if you are taken. Here's mine
Asian Hmong girl with a BA in economics, 5'3 and 108 pounds, loves to kayak, hike, play cards, read self help books and go to art museum and beaches, Christian, and a liberal!
Seeking any race boy, taller than me, intelligent, not over weight, who loves to take long walks at the beach (unfortunately my husband doesn't like to do this which is a bummer but...). Around my age, has good morals and values. Non smoker (my husband was a smoker) and Similar faith and political views.


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  • It would probably be like this:-

    29 year old IT professional looking for long term dating. No hook ups please. Your race, education, background, wealth, religion nothing matters, but I am only seeking Vegetarian/Vegan women. Prefer non-smokers, but it isn't a deal breaker.

    • Only vegan? Do you even know what percentage of women are vegan? I am just wondering, I don't know.

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    • @melme16

      I really hope I can become a complete vegan some day, though. I'm almost there, but the last mile is proving to be REALLY hard. And I'm filled with guilt. :(

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • It would be blank.><

    • Take your time to figure yourself out. I am still doing that even though I am married

    • Thanks and good luck!

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  • Good looking affluent mature gent looking for friendship and fun.

    Seeking to meet like minded people to enhance my life and share in so sincere good times. Age and gender is irrelevant meaning all are welcome to respond

  • Man looking for woman.
    All may apply.
    H: 5'1".
    Seriously, will take anyone.

  • Something like this
    -College boi with not much going on in my life... yet.
    -I is a simple guy looking for a simple m'lday thats compassionate, open minded and pretty.
    -If you're on your period, I too would stick up a tampon so you won't feel alone in the pain #PerksOfDatingMe.
    -Free food because i like cooking


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