7 months out of relationship why is my ex anger when it's been NC for 4 months?

The past 4 months I've been NC. She always would find ways to message me. ( fake app number, fake social media accounts) but I never responded. First time I talked to her in 4 months was when she kept messaging my closet friend and she would ask about me, yada yada. Then on my birthday which was Sunday she told my best friend (put us 3 in a group chat in want to speak to him) keep in mind she's in a relationship. So I agree we do the group chat and she tells me happy birthday I say thanks and leave, then she sent this message behind it.

"I wanted to say something out of the group chat. I just want to say I'm really glad you're doing good and you're making something of yourself like I always knew you would. And I'm really happy you found someone that makes you happy and I can just tell you care about her. And that makes me happy. Im sorry things ended so badly to the point where I was honestly crazy. I have learned to forgive myself and change myself but I never intended for any of that to happen. I'm just really happy you're doing good. You deserve the best and I hope this woman is the best & she's the one

We had a friendly converstation, she was telling me her boyfriend did some very embarrassing in public that she didn't like and it's bringing problems in their relationship yada yada and I ended it.
That was a great friendly convo.

Today like 4 in the morning she was liking all my post on social media then in the afternoon she sent this ugly ass text:

"I just want you to know that I know that you cheated on me with ---- and a few other girls. And it's time I think I say what I really need to say. That night I told you I couldn't come because something was wrong with my family, it was because I was with ---- and I had sex with him. & I also had sex with ---- that time I denied it. & even though I've forgiven you. I'm just gonna block you and your friends, but I honestly hope everything works out with your family. Especially your grandfather"


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  • I think she is nuts. Completely nuts. Stay the fuck away.


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  • You should be happy fr if she blocks you cause then you can finally live a happy life with peace without being stalked by your crazy ex.

    • She's been stalking me since our break up, even if she's blocked she still finds away. Makes fake profile just to talk to me

    • You might have to move to a new location and then ignore him all together, then if she finds you than, well if she follows you it's time for a restraining order

  • What the heck, cheaters gonna cheat.