Is he really crazy busy or just not that into me?

I've been dating this guy for about 4 months now and when we first started dating he was a full time college student who worked on campus 2-3 days out the week for about 5-6 hours. He always made time for me around his school schedule. Recently, he's come home for the summer and he is working full time (40+ hours) and taking summer classes online. Before coming home, we were able to talk pretty much all day long even when he was studying now we still talk every day just not as much throughout the day because he wakes up at 7am to go to work and as soon as he gets off of work he jumps straight to his homework and I sometimes don't hear from
hom until 8-10pm. We still see each other on a weekly basis but only when it's convenient for his school/work schedule considering the fact Im only working a full time job. Not sure if I'm overthinking because I can be a insecure at times nut I'm not sure if he's just crazy busy and not interested anymore...


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  • He is so crazy busy.


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  • Course your being crazy. He's still talking. He just has other commitments