He doesn't text me between dates, should I be concerned?

First date, Sunday. At the end of the date, he asked to see me again, we settled on Wednesday, hugged, parted ways. He didn't text me Sunday after the date to ask if I got home ok or say he had a good time. Didn't hear from him on Monday neither. I thought he was gonna disappear on me, then on Tuesday night, he texted to say it was nice meeting me and asked if we are still on to meeting Wednesday.

Second date, Wednesday, I thought he was gonna stand me up because he didn't text me before the date. He was like 9 minutes late, but we had a good conversation again and he act all interested and had his body turned towards me the whole time and paid for our meals, and he asked if I would like to see him again, and suggested "tomorrow," and asked me to text him when I get off work. We hugged and parted way. Again, no text to say he had a good time or ask if I got home safe.

Third date, Thursday. He hugged me as soon as he sees me and we chatted for a long time, Unlike the 1st and 2nd date, I kind of drove further to see him on his side of town... then at the end of the date, he again asked if I want to see him again, then said he has his children on the weekend so can't see me until Monday... but he doesn't get off work til 10PM on Monday and Tuesday, or we can meet Wednesday, then he said no pressure, and asked me to text him. I was like... what is open after 10 anyway... and I didn't know how to respond so I just said "I won't see you for so many days..." I am really worried because I don't want to go to his apt late at night... its weird to go to people's apt for a date... I prefer public place, so I joked about going to walk around Walmart and then suggested a movie, he said he will look into it. Anyway, Monday night 10PM date isn't confirmed, and he didn't text me Thursday night to say he has a good time and to ask if I got home ok.

Friday night, I texted him first, something cute, he responded pretty quickly and was polite, but didn't attempt to lengthen the conversation. Today is Saturday, he didn't text at all. Other info, I found out on the first date that he is divorced for over 1 year and have three children and need to spend time with his children on the weekends, also he work night shifts. I have no children and never married.
we hugged twice before ending the date on Thursday night... it was very nice... but he doesn't text me to chat or anything... it makes me feel all cold... I am concerned he doesn't like me very much...


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  • Be concerned. Very concerning.


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  • If you want a man with a sturdy personality, he maybe the one.

    He just wants to be the one with the knife's handle in his hand in a couple relationship.


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  • Maybe he just doesn't like texting.