Lust even after dating for 5 years?

Age: 20 (both)
Dating since: Almost 5 years.

So we have had a very rocky road. We both have been sad and happy together like every other couple. You know all that crap?

So we brokeup a year back because he moved to a different city to study (still is there) and you know different complications but we patched up 4 months back when he told me he was still crazy about me. He came back to my city and gave me emotional speeches, told me I am the one and wants a future together and stuff. He went back because of college, we talked but obviously it was less.

Anyway, he came back for the summers and things were going fine but we were still talking less. Not talking for days. Then I compained and he told me he was a bad texter and he is good at communicating in person. I was like okay? We met a couple of times. Made out and stuff but when I met him yesterday, we surely made out like crazy but he felt different. I said something (not so imp to be mentioned here) and he said 'by that time we won't even be dating'. I was like wtf? why would he mention my future lovers after spending 5 years with me? I told him it was bugging me and the convo went like this.

Him: "Oh, you and your forever together philosopies, I have always said these things are absurd. Be realistic"

Me: "Am I supposed to think that whatever you said to be me before was a lie?"

Him: Nevermind.

And he ended the conversation. Sure we have exchanged a few ilys and imys before this and he has driven me crazy with every touch but I am confused.

Is he lusting? I dont know what to believe anymore.

P. S: he gets irritated when we take pictures together. He is always like we already have so many together, dont need more or I dont feel like taking pictures. Etc...


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  • Sounds like he isn't serious about staying together anymore? If you still want to be with him you should talk to him about y'alls future. If he resists then he most likely doesn't wanna stick around forever. I wouldn't waste my time with someone who doesn't want to be with me. But that's just me. Good luck!

  • Ah, asking twice, well then, no.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's starting to get tired of your relationship. Leave before you waste even more of your time with him.

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