Why does he behave that way?

Why does a guy text a girl randomly saying that they could chill soon? But when you told him that you aren't free for an outing with him he said it's okay & tells you that at least a coffee pls? Finally you agreed, but it wasn't a coffee but a dinner (you suggested it, as it was a quite late) He picks you up & sent you home , pays for everything, just being a pure gentleman.. But he could be somehow judgmental at times when discussing some topics over dinner.. Before we part ways, he said that he'll text you but he jokingly said nah, you text me! (Maybe bc he has always been the one texting) Well, you just agree w/o thinking at that point of time not sure why also lol.. Well, you did text him & thanking him for a good night out & treat! He does agree that it was good night out! But poof! It just ended there! The next day you texted him (not the HOWS YOUR DAY text!) but just a random video link that you saw on fb telling him to watch but he didn't even bother to reply you AT ALL. What does all these means? Does he not wanna be friends with you anymore? Or is there something wrong with him?
(At first, he was the one who has been asking you out all the while, and you just don't care as we used to wanna meet but due to something we didn't as he was dating someone else back then & after his past date ends, he comes back to you like out of nowhere & asking you out again? Well you know about this matter, as you asked him about what had happened the other time? He asked whether we could be friends again? He asked twice within 2 years but you just ignored him. But this time round, you agreed.. Well, why not be friends? He seems sincere!)

Extra details: he hasn't deleted my number tho
After the outing , you feel that he's a nice guy but kinda judgmental & somehow you kinda miss him? WEIRD


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  • he could just be taking a day off to access everything. It happens.

    See if he responds later on.

    • Ooo, it happens? I didn't know abou that. Thanks! It has been 2 days :/

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    • Would he find me clingy? Haha. Maybe he just don't wanna be friends with me anymore? What do you think?

    • i dont think thats clingy but if he doesn't want to be friends anymore, aren't u interested to find out why?

  • He didn't like the link you sent. Was it something weird?

    • Hmm it was a video about damaged lungs due to smoking 😂 I wanted him to watch and stop him from smoking or rather cut down on smoking

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