Why does he act different when he's not around me?

when he's not around me he doesn't really start a convo that much or text me much but when he's with me he acts like he's really into me and makes me so happy. Even when he acts like he's not into me, my friends say they can tell by the way he looks at me that he really likes me. I know he doesn't want anything serious but if he really does like me then why doesn't he act like it when I'm not with him? its always me asking to hang out or to text first (most of the time) How can I switch it around?


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  • well it seems to me that he wants to see you when he wants to see you, in other words your on his time if a guy likes you he is going to make the effort to text you. And he also may not be makin the effort because you are the one that is always asking to hang out to the point where he feels like he already knows your gona do it so why bother to make the effort. I would say stop texting him, and asking him to hang out first and if he still doesn't even bother then that means he is not really that into you and what your friends said about him liking you may not be so true.


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  • He acts different, probably because he is distracted by friends, and other people around him. Believe it or not guys get hounded a lot for texting girls when they're with friends. Also, when you are with him and around other people is he different? If not, I doubt you have anything to worry about. Try and ease up and see if he starts texting you, if so, then you got a keeper on your hands.

    • Yeah in front of his friends he will hold my hand sometimes and def show interest.. they all know about me. but when we are alone he's all over me! he's made dinner for me in front of his friends though and everything. I just feel like 5 months ago he texted me a lot more then he does now.. you think his friends are the reason he's not texting that much?

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    • How would you recommend I do that?

    • Try not giving large responses every time you text and try to get him to make convo. Just little things that won't make him think that you are getting over him or something.

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  • i keep hearing that "if a guy likes you, he'll call you" - maybe he's taking you for granted, just assuming that you'll always text/ask to hang out first. maybe you should back off and let him realize he needs to step up his game and make some moves. then again this could backfire and you might not hear from him again - but in that case he wasn't that into you in the first place...