Any one notice how many attractive women there are at thrift stores shopping?

not necessary the women that work there but the ones shopping at them , I was at one briefly yesterday and it surprised me the number of good looking women around the store , some were only likely in high school but others were in 20's and 30's and older. there was a wide range of women around the store. I had noticed this cute blonde girl when I was looking at some books , then I noticed her behind me when I was looking at some clothes , then she like disappeared.

but it seems like an odd spot to try and pick up , mean shopping at a thrift store would imply the guy has money problems which would be a deal breaker for many single women I know. but then the women seem to enjoy shopping at those stores themselves so maybe it wouldn't be an issue.

anyone actually meet anyone at a thrift store or tried to pick someone when there? any stories. anyone work at one and seen people do this?


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  • You get a lot of clothes at thrift stores. You can even find name brand stuff. I mean why go to a mall to buy a $50 shirt when you get get at least or more than 5 at the thrift store lol.
    I don't shop at the thrift store but I should start. These days people dress like they are hippies or a hipster so the clothes are all there anyway

    • But to answer your question there are hot people everywhere you just have to get up and go places.

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    • 10 bucks is alright. For a girls shirt trust me. Lol
      But girls love thrift stores. We save money for more makeup or shoes haha.
      But yes when you see a girl there just ask her for her opinion hold up two different shirts and ask which one would look better with some Jens of of course. I bet she will help you out ;)

    • Jeans*

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