Is online dating considered pathetic/weak?

Ideally we'd all like to meet our so in real life during a romantic setting or things of that nature, as it happens in the movies, but for some of us its highly unlikely. I am at this point pretty much working 24/7 striving to move my career in a prosperous direction. So I have practically no time to go out and meet people.
Resorting to online dating seems to be the only way to actually meet someone I can devote my time to. But on the other hand and I dont want to end up going to family reunions in the future and talk about how i met my wife on fricken tinder.
So what do you think, if a person is busy, never goes out drinking, partying, clubbing because he despises those kind of environments, is it justifiable to go with online dating, or is it pathetic?


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  • I don't think so. I met the man I love on a dating site. 2 years later, I just get more and more crazy about him. You can find the right person anywhere, it just so happens people connect more through the Internet now.


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  • For most people, I'd say it most definitely is weak and pathetic. For people who live in areas with small population < 5000 people, or who are looking for niche interest, then perhaps it can make sense, but if you live in a city of hundreds of thousands or even millions of people you're so full of shit if you say you can't meet someone.

    Especially for guys, meeting and attracting a high quality person is so much easier in person. Weekend afternoons and weekday evenings right after work are great times to meet people out at grocery stores. Everyone shops for food, why not talk to some people while you're there? Malls are also great places to meet people. Make friends, get invited to parties, and meet new people there.

    Online dating is like playing the lottery. Sure, you might win, but odds are high you'll waste time and money and have nothing to show for it. Sure, it takes a lot of couage and feels awkward to go out and meet people at first, but if you want a quality partner to spend you life with then you need to learn to be a quality person yourself. It's not easy, but it is worth it.


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  • Don't bother. If you don't have women throwing themselves at you in real life, you won't have any success online unless you're willing to settle for fatties or single mothers.

    Women's entitlement and demands are even worse online than in real life, and all you've got going for you is a picture. So if you've got a kind of charisma in real life that draws people to you, you can't capitalize on that.

    Basically if you're not a magazine cover photo shoot ready neurosurgeon who plays professional rugby and is also a male model, don't bother with online. Unless you're a masochist, then it might be OK.

  • I work a lot of OT and travel to visit family quite a bit. I met my first and second girlfriend online.

  • It is bad to say I met my wife in a club where people look for somebody to f... as much as saying met on tinder. So you need to develop some relations with girls around you , why not in your office or daughters of your parents' friends?

    • Unless you are in a big company workplace is dangerous.
      Just my personal issue: I will mistrust anyone my parents pick or daughters of parents' friends

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    • There is the library and markets

    • Hahaha yeah so good places xD "Hey would you like to get some advices to buy?" xD