Why do so many girls have such terrible looking tattoos?

I don't understand it. I'm not even totally opposed to tattoos but so many girls around where I live have awful looking tattoos. Big, in plain sight, poorly done, you name it. Maybe it's a southern thing as I live in Florida, but it's hard enough to find a good looking girl, let alone one that doesn't have an ugly tattoo!


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  • Many men and women have terrible tattoos and I agree it's a turn off. While I'm all for some nicely done work, when it looks jailhouse and like someone stuck random stickers all over your body in stupid places, I can't dig that.

    • It honestly blows my mind how they think it looks good, or thought it was a good idea in the first place!

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    • Thing is, it's as if it's a widespread social movement here. Like nearly everyone I see in public has a bad tattoo or 2... or 5.

    • Yeah they do! People try to go cheap, and even I have been guilty of being young, wanting what I want without researching a good artist and going on the word of someone else. Thankfully mine turned out well.

  • I've seen worse tattoos on guys. But I think that it's because people try to take the cheap route and they don't want to pay.

    • Yeah but it's such a waste to begin with. Like these are tattoos with no significance or meaning whatsoever and if it's going to look terrible, why bother? lol

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    • cover-ups*

    • I've seen some wicked awesome cover ups!

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