Is it true that if a guy really likes you he'll text and call you?

with this guy I''m seeing, I'm sorta the one that's doing most of the texting and calling to hang out. and this guy also never texts me to ask how I'm doing or w/e.

if you like a girl will you always text her and find some way to contact her even if you're busy? and if a guy isn't reaching out that much to text/call me should I take that as a sign he's not that interested.

the guy I'm referring to is legitimately busy. I know for a fact it's not just an excuse. but he never really contacts me and we might go a whole week without talking, but when we hang out he's genuinely really into me.

when we first went out, he would text me frequently, but I guess he might just have been like wooing me and now he might feel like he doesn't have to put in a lot of effort?

idk if I'm a backup girl for him and I'm not his #1 priority or if he really is just busy... :/


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  • wow I mirror your situation right now. I'm thinking that they're just possibly not wanting anything serious and maybe it scared them that it was heading in that direction. He may like you but want to keep his options open.

    • Yeah, I'm starting to think that too. Thanks for answering

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