If you breakup and still really like the girl, does no contact work on guys?


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  • I find the NO contact rule silly, I don't feel like it will make someone miss you more, I always say if you want to talk to them then talk to them because then you can get a semi clear image if you have a chance of getting back together, if you feel you don't then yes leave them alone and see what the future brings


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  • no... we are stubborn pieces of shits


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  • The no contact rule is an immature approach. I can't be bothered with mind games. If a guy stops contacting me then he's just teaching me how to live without him. The less contact we have then gradually my feelings start to fade , so eventually I'd just move on from him.

    Communication strengthens relationships. Silence causes distance. So in most cases
    " no contact" doesn't work


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