Is it bad that im not a touchy, feely type person?

All my friends like to play fight, and wrestle, and smack each other and stuff but i do not. And because i dont like to do these things, they think im weak. I just dont like it. I dont like to talk about how strong i am, or how well i do on my exercises, i just dont care about that shit. I'm pretty fit, i just dont like to talk about it. Is that bad?

I also dont like to talk about my techniques on protecting myself.
When im with a girl its completely different. I get girls all the time, its just with my MALE friends i dont like to do this with.


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  • Nooo


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  • It might be kind of hard when you go on dates with girls. It's easier to get girls to kind of open up to you (mentally, physically) if you are more touchy and feely with them, and can kind of do some level of physical teasing and playing.

    You don't have to be a jackass type who punches other guys in the shoulder and nudges them on the head, but with girls it can help if you're not too physically reserved.

    • Response to update: then you're good. If you just don't like wrestling with guys but can really put your hands all over a girl, it's good.

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    • Some of that is kind of just chauvinism and getting into pissing contests. It's all right if you don't subscribe to it. I find it's easier to participate in that kind of idiocy once I down a few beers. :-D

    • Lol exactly. I dont like to look like a child, but give me a margarita and it all changes hahaha

  • yes, because fuck dating someone that's not touchy feely.

    • Well obviously if it was with a girl, then it would be different, but these are my MALE friends that do this.

    • you must say no homo before you get touchy feely with them. don't worry, they'll go away with time. =)