Why does a guy constantly stare at you for a few years if he doesn't like you?

Every time I look up I see him looking at me. After I started paying attention,
I noticed that he looks at me around 20 times a day. I recently told him that I liked him and he didn't say that he liked me nor did he say he didn't like me. He just told me that it was ok that I liked him and that there was nothing to be nervous about. Still he hasn't made a move yet, so he obviously doesn't like me. But the problem is that he still stares at me when he thinks I can't see him and then he turns around quickly when I look at him.
this has been going on for years, so why would he constantly stare at me if he doesn't like me? Help me please.


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  • The dudes odd. I'd made a move already. Seems like he doesn't know what he wants. Maybe move on

    • Well, I do know that he has Tourettes which he tries to hide so I always think that maybe he thinks that I won't like him if I knew.

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    • No we only talk at the place I worship. I don't have his number and he doesn't have social media. Last time I talked to him was at a party and I asked why he wasn't dancing and he said he was having an off day (which I think meant that his tics were worse that day) but he was kinda being a jerk to me that night and I left feeling depressed.

    • Damn well he's obviously not into you then 😕 I hate to say it. He just likes what he session I guess maybe he doesn't want to date anyone.

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  • I could understand a few months but years? Jesus christ Just ask him directly how he feels about you so you can put ur heart to rest. Simple.

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