Why does this guy keep saying he wants to hang out & see me but he's too busy to do so?

i knew this guy a couple years ago. He had a huge thing for me and I wasn't as receptive, but we went out a few times as friends and I gave it a go.. But then we went to college and things fizzled between us.

it has been 2 years and we have kept in semi contact, just randomly asking each other what's up every few months. We are both home this summer, and he keeps saying how he would love to see me, we need to catch up, how he's nervous since since its been so long, so much has changed, etc.. And I am very receptive.. I respond I'd love to, I ask him when, I tell him I'm free whenever since I don't work... So he knows he can ask and I'd be down. But then when I ask or we make semi-plans, or mention it, he says he's busy working or soo tired from working. He says he'll be more free in a few weeks, but now it has been a week since we've spoken and I don't know... If he was interested wouldn't he make some time? Or keep in contact more? We had plans for this one day and then it came and went and he messaged me days later saying he had to work more than planned. He is 20.. His work is factory work I think. Not like some big job. I don't know.. Should I give up?


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  • He's playing you/using you.

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