Never met eachother in three years. He asked me out then cancels?

We met online just about 3 years ago. Soon after we lost touch ( I started seeing someone. Then vica versa then he moved to Australia for 2 years) we have pretty much kept in touch in that time bar a hiatus here and there. We kept in touch a lot when he lived in Australia and we have formed a good friendship, he has given me some really good advice too and he's been there when things have happened.

He said she finds me attractive and likes me but we have never mentioned "giving it a go" as such last week he asked me out on a date officially this coming Friday he sounded a bit nervous when he asked me and said it properly like "Will you go on a date with me?" (he lives three hours from me) he said he's pick me up and take me out, asked me to pick a restaurant etc. I was really excited by this and said yes..

Today I get a message just saying "can't do Friday Jess as I have to go to the races with work"

It was really blunt to the point not a sorry or even call to say (which is what he normally does) or a re arrange. Considering we are meeting face to face for the first time and he's playing it off as if it's some lunch date with a bestie.

I just text back about 30 mins after saying enjoy the races and made a little joke then he said "sorry I have to go with work"

So cancelling a date that HE Clearly set up as "a date" for an offer work related has left me with a sick feeling.

Why would he do that and why am I feeling so gutted?



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  • You haven't met him person yet. That's why you feel gutted because you can't explain why he's treating you this way (because you haven't felt a full physical connection with him yet).

    If anything, you should ask him to meet up (don't be conventional lol), and if he flakes, then I'd drop him, regardless of how much time it's been. He's probably just using you for your attention.


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  • He just changed his mind/he's playing games.