Did her new boyfriend give her an ultimatum?

Ok so 12 months ago me and some girl was instantly attracted and flirting and staring at each other. As time went past my absence on the way home I think bothered her. She would start to seem shocked to see me and would lighten up or look at me in cute ways. Ok so due to my work I couldn't catch the train I think it totally bothered her as for some reason when I would catch the train every month instead of everyday it changed she would still stare but looked really confused. or sad but would purposely walk past to smile. Then I disappeared but then she actually spoke lol I disappeared again but this time she walked past and turned blood shot red in the face. All of which still staring. I disappeared again was planning to make my move when I could this is when her new boyfriend was there she went red avoided eye contact seemed anxious. Ok so I didn't add her but I commented on her picture on Facebook saying hey, you look nice. Just to let her know so I caught the tram I noticed her boyfriend looking mopey. And magicly appeared on the acreage as I was avoiding. When he turned away she faced me with the biggest smile ever like she was trying to say something. Then when she new he was turning back around she went back to him and avoided. Then I got off the stop before to avoid him and then got back on as per normal here he was outside the store tapping me on shoulder asking if I was *** I said no I'm not he responded ok I'll let it at that I said ok? she was stood there behind him just smiling lol then a minute later I think he made her send me a message and block me (ultimatum). So in totally confused she didn't block me at first? Only until he saw me again after. So I sent her an apology letter via LinkedIn to explain my absences and that I was sorry for being rude and that I hope in the future we can actually talk lol and why I couldn't build the courage to ask her out. Which she has read but not blocked me

To update basicly met some pretty girl on the train home over the duration of 12 months I was disappearing all of the time I noticed that she was doing all of the flirting signs you can think of and dressing up to impress me etc until I disappeared etc. Which in turn resulted in her making more forced approaches which I think made her blush etc etc. Ok so bit obv she wanted to know me but I left it to late but came back to make my move or at least approach this time she was with her boyfriend


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  • That is really hard to follow and after working my way through the Wall of Text I still don't know what's going on.

    • Sorry about that I tried to squeeze it into one as it's quite long and in depth

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    • I'm sorry I'm not trying to be mean I was just trying to show you how much I got out of it, It wasn't format, it was just what I got out of it, there seemed to be some lacking crucial details I couldn't find the real question you wanted an opinion too.