My guy friend just beat up my ex boyfriend and kissed me. What now?

I just found out the guy I was dating only wanted me for sex. I plan on saving myself for someone special and my boyfriend knew this. I found out that while he was dating me, he was still with his ex. This broke my heart and my guy friend ended up getting into a fight with him.

Later that evening, my friend visited me to see how I was doing. He sat with me and we had a long talk. He wondered why I was so insecure about myself. I told him that I never really had confidence when it came to guys and the fact that my first boyfriend ended up cheating on me made me feel like there was something wrong with me.
My friend chuckled a little when I told him that. I asked him what was so funny and that's when he kissed me. He then told me that nothing is wrong with me.

It was so random, but I kinda felt butterflies. After he kissed me. He gave me a hug and said he'd call to check in on me within the next few days. Then he left.

Im just a little worried about pursuing a relationship with him because he's my best friend. We have a friendship that's been built up for years. What if dating doesn't work out. Even if we went back to being friends, it would never be the same.


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  • That's straight out of a movie
    If he's a good guy
    I mean a moral good guy, the kind you trust around kids and shit
    Please please please give it s try

    • He is a good guy. I've known him for a while.
      But, I gotta wonder if that was a "pity kiss" or does he actually want to consider dating me.
      We've never talked about being in a relationship.

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    • đŸ˜‰trust me been there done that

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  • Best friends make the best boyfriends.


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  • Your guy friend has a huge crush on you.
    A/w, you're risking your friendship, that is true.
    But what if it ends up well?